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Magnesium Supplementation and Your Health

Magnesium is a mineral that is vital to certain bodily functions in humans. It is naturally occurring in the human body, and is needed for optimum bone and digestive health. Magnesium is mostly obtained through a regular diet, but can become low especially if the individual has poor eating habits. If magnesium levels become low, magnesium supplements are available to bring concentration levels back up to a desirable level. If one's diet is high in calcium, they may need to consume magnesium supplements in order to properly absorb and utilize the calcium. Magnesium can also act as a laxative in the case of constipation, and prevent heartburn due to indigestion.

Magnesium intake is necessary for optimal health, and getting the right amount in your diet can be difficult at times. Here at Wellness Professionals, we offer magnesium supplements combined with calcium supplementation so that you can always rest assured that your mineral levels are correct. No matter where you live in Northwest Arkansas, we are here to help! We proudly serve patients in the entire area including: Farmington, Ozark, Huntsville, Elkins, Greenland, Prairie Grove, Mountainburg, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Rogers. Magnesium supplementation may not be for everyone, but our professional staff can figure out your body's needs and address them as needed.




The Path to Wellness

Wellness is a term used commonly to refer to a not only complete physical health, but also encompasses psychological and emotional health as well. Here at Wellness Professionals, we understand that physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. Nutrition, sleep, and positive relationships all play a large role in our physical psychological, and emotional wellbeing. We try to have positive impacts on each of these when interacting with patients, depending on what the patient needs.

We offer nutritional supplements such as Greens First, and Dream Protein in our clinic. These boost your daily intake of both micro and macro nutrients to ensure that you are consuming the proper levels of each in order to maintain your body's health. We also offer several different types of pillows here in our office manufactured by Sleep Number and Therapeutica that can each be tested to see which will provide the patient with the best, most restful night’s sleep. Nutrition and sleep combined with chiropractic care and/or physical therapy can have a major impact on your quality of life in a very good way, but to achieve total wellness it is also important to form lasting positive relationships. We try to really get to know our patients so that we can more effectively and efficiently treat them, and get to the source of their problem. This also allows us to not only better see what each patient needs on their path to wellness, but also allows us to form a relationship with each patient that makes the dynamics of treatment flow more smoothly.




Many people will experience an event during their lifetime in which they are injured or impaired to a degree that it effects their ability to do day to day activities effectively or without pain. Although it may be possible to live with this pain, and many people do, it is not necessary. Most people have insurance that will cover most or even all of the charges associated with physcial therapy, speech therapy, and even chiropractic services. Here at Wellness Professionals, we have a highly trained team that can work with a wide variety of muskuloskeletal disorders ranging anywhere from a headache to muscular distrophy. Many individuals brush off their pain, and push away minor symptoms that could be the start of a more serious condition. We listen to you as you tell us about your symptoms, and work to find the source of your pain. Once we find this source, we find the most efficient and effective treatment for each patient in order to ensure that your treatment or rehabilitation is as time and cost efficient as possible. 

We understand that everyone goes through pain in their lives, but we want to make your life easier with less pain and worry. Our team cares about nothing more than your treatment and recovery, and we will do everything in our power to get you back to what you love doing. Pain is inevitable, but we are here to help. With our wide variety of services including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and speech therapy, we are sure to be able to diagnose and treat your pain so that you can take the best steps toward wellness.


Wellness Professionals Inc.

Here at Wellness Professionals, we offer a unique and comprehensive approach to your health. We truly care about our patients, and work to determine the most effective and efficient treatment option for every individual. We not only offer chiropractic services, but also physical therapy and rehabilitation as well. We assess your pain to determine if your best option for treatment is chiropractic adjustments with our chiropractor, physical therapy with our liscesnsed physical therapist, ultrasound and/or electrical stimulation, or even traction using one of our many decompression tables. Call us to day at 479-444-9449 or visit our website at to set up a free consultation with one of our professionals to see how we can get you on the road to complete wellness.



We frequently see women 30-35 years old in our clinic complaining of chronic headaches or migranes that have been searching and trying numerous methods to try and gain some sort of relief from their pain. Usually, our clinic is their final stop on that search. Here at Wellness Professionals we offer a unique, and comprehensive outlook on your physcial health. We look to the source of your problem to determine if your pain requires anything from a simple adjustment by our chiropractor, or other means of treatment such as traction, ultrasound, or physical therapy by our liscensed physical therapist. Call us to day at 4709-444-9449 or visit our website at to set up a free consultation with one of our professionals to see how we can get you on the road to complete wellness.



Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy is a service that can positively influence a child's speaking ability for the rest of their lives. Speech therapists can treat speech, language, and other disorders early in life so that they do not effect the individual as they age. Mandi Dickerson has been serving Northwest Arkansas as a licensed speech pathologist for the past 8 years. We are proud to offer her services as a wellness professional, and would like to outline the benefits of pediatric speech therapy.

Many children have difficulty with speech and/or language as they grow older. These difficulties, if not confronted, can lead to chronic speech problems that can last for life. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) treats screens and treats children and adults with speech disorders. These difficulties could spur from coordination of muscles and movements used for speaking. A speech language pathologist can also treat individuals who have difficulty swallowing liquid or food. They essentially treat muscular and psychomotor disorders of the mouth. Children may need to see a speech-language pathologist if they have trouble eating and swallowing, using words and saying a lot of new words, or even if they have trouble playing with others or making friends.

Mandi Dickerson is a great pediatric speech-language pathologist operating out of our offices here in Northwest Arkansas. She treats speech disorders such as articulation, phonology, and apraxia. She also treats language disorders effecting receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language. Mandi is not only effective at treating the previously stated disorders, but she is also able to work with individuals suffering from deafness or hearing oss, oral-motor disorders, and swallowing or feeding disorders. If you believe that your child may benefit from speech therapy Wellness Professionals can help! With years of experience Mandi Dickerson is a great choice fora pediatric speech-language pathologist.


Serving all of Northwest Arkansas

Here at Wellness Professionals we have been serving all of Northwest Arkansas with quality care since 2008. Our staff has proudly offered speech therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic services with great results over these eight years. Although our office is located in Fayetteville, we are in perfect position to also offer our services to the surrounding regions including Elkins, Greenland, Farmington, and Springdale. We have seen patients from all of these areas before, and offer successful and time efficient treatment options for everyone. 

We strive to bring wellness and health to everyone seeking it in our community. Along with Fayetteville, we also consider Springdale, Farmington, Elkins, and Greenland to be part of our community as well. We understand that driving can be bothersome, especially with a job and time constraints, but we try to cater to your scheduling needs to come up with the best treatment time and dates for each patient. We truly care about everyone in our community, and hope that we can bring about a better quality of life for every patient we treat with chiropractic, physical therapy, speech therapy, or massage therapy.


What to Expect as a New Patient

Being a new patient at any clinic can be very intimidating, especially for the first visit or two. At Wellness Professionals we try to eliminate as much of the discomfort and anxiety that comes along with being a new patient as much as possible. What most people do not know is that a consultation with one of our professionals (physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.) is absolutely free. In this first meeting symptoms and concerns can be discussed, and sometimes solutions can be reached just within the free consultation! If it is necessary to take x-rays or other use other methods to obtain objective information then there will be an associated charge. Most patients do not require x-rays on he first visit, and do receive their consultation at no cost.

The second visit to our clinic usually consists of another meeting with one of our professionals to discuss the findings of the first visit. During this time we will also look at different treatment options, and will work with you in order to determine the most effective and convenient treatment option for each individual. We understand that time is a big concern for most patients, and we try to schedule our appointments in the best interest of each patient. We also try to tailor the treatments in order to meet any time constraints that a patient may have.
Once the treatment plan has been decided upon, we begin treatment. Treatment may last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour depending on the type of care you are receiving. if you are only receiving a chiropractic adjustment your treatment may not last long, but if you are going through a full therapy session with our physical therapist.

Each of our providers work hand in hand in order to ensure the most effective and efficient treatment possible for each of our patients. Treatments usually progress over a period of six weeks, and in this time most of our patients see tremendous improvement without need of more treatments. Once all treatments have been completed, we continue to offer maintenance care in order to keep patients on the track to wellness and a healthier life even after they have recovered from what brought them to us initially. We truly care about our patients, and nothing is more fulfilling to us than helping our patients achieve a higher quality of life through comprehensive care!



Our Approach to Your Health

Here at Wellness Professionals, your health and wellness is our number one priority. We understand that no two patients are alike, and sometimes require different treatments even for the same pain or injury. Our treatment methods are very diverse, and we are lucky enough to have a staff that understands a variety of treatment methods. This knowledge allows our staff to identify and apply the most effective treatment methods for each individual patient. Along with manual treatments, we also possess a variety of equipment to assist us in our approach. This allows for an even broader range of treatment options that can be employed in order to ensure that we can get the most effective results within a convenient time frame.

The first step that we take in our treatment is to identify the problem for each individual, and to set course and goal for treatment. Communication is vital throughout the treatment process for both the patient and us as providers. The first consultation with our chiropractor or physical therapist is very important because this is the point at which we are able to listen to your description of your problem or desire, as well as any concerns you may have with treatment. After identifying the patient's complication as well of the source of this problem, we lay out a map to treatment with a solid end goal. We do this so that we can give the patient a timeline to treatment as well as an end result that we are aiming for. Our chiropractor and physical therapist work closely together which allows us to give you the most comprehensive treatment available. Once we identify which route best suites your needs (chiropractic or physical therapy), we will begin treatment right away. Some patients will require only minor adjustments or therapy, while others may need extensive care. Depending on treatment route one takes, the patient's treatment may include: general to specific stretches, the Pettibon system, cervical traction, lumbar traction, aqua massage, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, adjustments, aqua massages, and strengthening exercises. Our idea is to relax the affected area, position everything correctly, and strengthen surrounding muscles in order to maintain that position. This allows for not only improved posture, but also pain elimination and general health.

Here at Wellness Professionals, we treat anything from a minor headache to more serious musculoskeletal disorders and injuries such as sciatica. Our team is diverse and highly skilled. We offer comprehensive treatments for every individual seeking rehabilitation, or even a pain free life. We truly care about our patients' wellness, and look forward to every opportunity that we may have to improve their lives through our services. A consultation is only one call away, and once you start down the path to wellness you will never want to look back!


Traction and its Role in Physical Therapy

Traction plays a vital role in many different treatments here at Wellness Professionals. It allows for more impactful adjustments as well as more efficient healing by the body. Traction works by removing gravity's load on the spine, which allows for the spine to decompress. This decompression causes the spine to straighten out leading to reduced pressure on spinal disks. The decompression brought about by traction can be used to treat specific disorders including pinched nerves or impingements, headaches, herniated disks, degenerative disk disease, and many more. This method can also be used to improve range of motion before or after manual treatment by a chiropractor or exercise with a physical therapist.

Here at Wellness Professionals we offer two different types of mechanical traction. Mechanical traction, as opposed to manual traction, is a decompression method that uses machines to reduce the load on the spine instead of the physical therapist doing it by hand. The first type of traction we offer concentrates on the lumbar region of the spine. The lumbar region is generally described as the lower back, and consists of the lowest five vertebrae of the spine. The second type of traction focuses on the cervical region of the spine. This area consists of the seven vertebrae closest to the base of the skull, and is generally described as the neck area. Each type of traction plays a very important role in treatments, depending on where the source of pain is or each individual.

Here at Wellness Professionals, we strive to improve every patient's health and overall quality of life. By combining the use of mechanical traction of the spine and physical therapy, we are able to treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Gravity puts a heavy load on the spine daily and without proper decompression at night and/or through traction, it can lead to many problems centered around one's vertebral disks. Our goal is to relieve this pain, and we possess not only the equipment, but also the skill required to help you take your best steps toward overall wellness. Visit us at in order to learn more about our  various treatment methods or about spinal health in general.



Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation and Wellness

Wellness Professionals Inc. has a very keen interest in ensuring the recovery and wellness of each patient that we come into contact with. Not only do we offer chiropractic services, but we also have a licensed physical therapist (PT) on our staff team that allows us to take an even more in depth approach to treatment. This comprehensive care is hard to beat by a PT or chiropractor working alone, and the rate of success greatly improves when the two disciplines are used together. We are one of the only clinics in Northwest Arkansas to offer this type of cooperative treatment, and the results prove that it is a very effective way to treat most musculoskeletal disorders or problems that may be giving you pain or discomfort. We strive to not only treat the patient's problem to relieve their pain, but we also want to improve that individual’s quality of life through education and application of at home methods.


Physical therapy is a healthcare division that specializes in maximizing one’s quality of life through the rehabilitation of physical impairments or injuries. Physical therapists usually work to improve patients' abilities to perform activities of daily living (ADL's) so that the individual can live their life normally without pain and/or fear. Some ADL's that a physical therapist may work with include: getting in and out of bed, sitting and standing, and walking up and down stairs. Physical therapy can also benefit those wanting to increase strength and joint range of motion to improve flexibility after surgery, injury, or even in instances of general discomfort. At Wellness Professionals, our physical therapist is dedicated to providing pain relief, and increased quality of life through therapeutic and rehabilitative practices.


Wellness Professionals is proud to offer physical therapy services, and we truly believe in its use and effectiveness. Within 12 visits, our patients see an outstanding 60-80% improvement through the utilization of physical therapy. Our advanced approach to therapy using ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction tables, and chiropractic adjustments allows our patients to experience the fastest recovery while gaining an education through our services that allow them to improve their wellness even after they are no longer a patient. There is no reason to live in pain. The staff here at Wellness Professionals is here to provide you with relief and comfort from pain that stretches further than the walls of our office. It is our goal to not only improve your current state of health, but also to give you the tools that you need to take more steps toward wellness on your own.