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Auto Accident

Minor Accidents can lead to major problems

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Whiplash is fairly common among all people, though they may not realize it.  I’ve seen whiplash from car accidents, sports, amusement park rides and even something as simple as a sneeze.  Yes…a sneeze.

In even minor car accidents, head accelerations can cause your skull to weigh 9 times its normal weight.  Needless to say, that is a lot of pressure, especially when you least expect it. 

This puts an unhealthy amount of strain on the ligaments of the spinal column, making them dramatically weaker. This can be a permanent ailment unless treatment is sought.  We have had amazing success in helping the body to heal itself though simple methods such as chiropractic adjustments, decompression techniques and physical therapy.

 Whiplash symptoms include:

 -Neck pain and swelling

-Tenderness along the back of the neck

-Difficulty moving the head, limited mobility

-Headaches and migraines

-Pain from the neck down into the shoulder and arm areas

If you are experiencing something like this, it’s easy to determine its origin if you were just in an accident of some sort.  However, for those who have relied upon the body’s resilience, they may have assumed that this is simply the best quality of life they can expect. 

 And they would be wrong.

Know that it is never too late to correct something like this, and that you can feel better!  Whether you come to see us at Wellness Professionals, Inc. or not, I encourage you to have a greater expectation for your feeling of wellness and health and get yourself checked out by a qualified professional.  We offer free consultations for all accident victims…call us and schedule an appointment today at 479-444-9449