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Stay Active by Regular Stretching

Summer Time is here. This means more and more people are getting outside and doing more. Northwest Arkansas is full of wonderful things to do outside from swimming to hiking. We encourage all of our patients to stay active and enjoy the nice weather outside. In order to keep active we also encourage stretching. 

We would like to show you the proper way to preform a hamstring stretch. If you have questions about this stretch or others please call our office. (479)444-9449

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Stay Safe Gardening Tips



Spring is here! Wheather you are planting flowers, veggies or herbs here are some stay safe gardening tips. 


1. Wear protective clothing incuding long pants, long sleaves, gloves and saftey glasses.

2. Don't forget about your feet! Wear properly fitted shoes that are not too worn or tight.

3. Get your family involved! If you are lifting heavy objects make sure to inlist help from others.

4. The right tool for the job. Prevent accidents by only using tools as instructed by the manufacturer 

5. Prevent tripping hazards. Be mindful of your surroundings and don't leave tools or equipment out where you or others can trip on it.

6. Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids

7. Have fun and enjoy this Spring…

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Our Mission at Wellness Professionals

We have a mission here at Wellness Professionals. Our mission is you. We offer a wide variety of treatments tailored just for you. Whether you have back pain, headaches or something else, we are here for you.


We Offer:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Pediatric Speech Therapy 

This is just a few of the many services we offer to help you reach your wellness goal. If you would like to start your travels down the road to health, give us a call today! (479)444-9449. We happily serve Fayetteville, Springdale, Farmington, West Fork, Lowell, Elkins and all of NWA!



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Happy Year Happy You!

It's a new year! Welcoming in the year 2017 many of us wonder what the year has in store for us. Wellness Professionals wants to make this a great year for you! A lot can happen in a year, relationship changes, new babies, new home, new job. Whatever this year has in store for you we want you to know that we are here for you! 

Offering Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy we can take care of all of your wellness needs. We are happy to serve patients in the Northwest Arkansas area, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Elkins, West Fork, Farminton and many more areas. 

Please call our office today and see how we can help you!

Also watch our video for tips to stick to your new years plans! 


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Good Eating This Season

This time of the year many of us suffer from the "Winter Bulge". Why do we pack on the weight more so in the winter and how do we stop the cycle? 

During the winter months the days are sorter and colder impelling us to reach for our favorite cup of hot coco or sugary drink. And if you have that, you have to have a cookie too! As the sun sets sooner and we feel colder we naturally want to stay inside, making us less active and more likely to reach for the quickest pick me up to boost our spirits. 

Follow these easy tips to stay healthy this Winter:

1. Eat regular meals

2. Eat in moderation

3. Keep healthy snacks on hand at all times 

4. Get out and stay active (even if it is cold)

6. Drink Drink Drink plenty of water! 

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Headache Relief

Where do you think you can find relief from your headache pain? 
A.    Eating better
B.    Regular sleep patterns 
C.    Chiropractic care
D.    Physical Therapy 
E.    All of the Above
If you answered E then you are right! Many people know that our sleep and eating patterns have a great effect on the frequency, duration and intensity of headaches and migraines. But did you know that Chiropractic care can help too? 

One of the main causes of headaches is a misalignment of the vertebra in the neck. This causes signals to be sent to the brain, creating pain in other locations such as the shoulders, hands and even causing extreme headache pain. 

Regular chiropractic adjustment can help by relieving the nerve impediments that cause…

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Fall Weather Safety Measures

Along with Fall time comes beautiful weather and bright colors. It is time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends! Fall is the perfect time of year for many outdoor hobbies that may include a lot of strenuous activities. Some hobbies may vary from hiking, to bike riding, or even something as simple as jumping in the leaves with the kids! All of these things are great fun! But with any activity also presents possibility of injury whether it be minor or extreme.

There are many tips for being safe and preventing, or even avoiding any injury that may put a damper on your Fall season! Before being too active, you should always remember to warm up first. This gives the muscles a chance to loosen up a bit to avoid…

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Backpack to School

School is back in session in most regions, and that means that kids everywhere are stocked up on school supplies and textbooks to take along with them. These items can be very heavy individually, but when your child carries around multiple heavy items in their backpack it can become very strenuous on their back. Unfortunately, a lot of the time there is no way to get out of carrying these heavy items around with you throughout the day. There is, however, proper loading and carrying methods and techniques that allow for the backpack to be carried more easily, and also reduce the impact on your child's back.

Backpacks should be worn high on the back using both straps in order to reduce the load on your back. This spreads the load more…

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Back Pain and Flexibility

Back pain is one of the most common things that we deal with here at Wellness Professionals. Almost everyone experiences moderate to severe back pain at some point in their lives, and sometimes the pain can even become chronic. Although the pain can be severe and effect many if not all aspects of your daily life, it is usually easily treatable with proper knowledge and understanding of the surrounding muscles and joints. We have all heard our whole lives of the importance of flexibility, but very few people work on stretching and flexibility regularly. Poor flexibility is one of the biggest factors that can lead to chronic back pain. Here at Wellness Professionals our team is trained to isolate the muscles lacking in flexibility,…

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Wellness and Stress Management

Stress is in all of our lives, and is ultimately unavoidable. Most people only view stress as a psychological distress, but it is also true that stress can manifest physically. Stress can bring about high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, headaches/migranes, and irritability. These are just a few of the many physical symptoms of sress that we see here at Wellness Professionals, and we are glad to offer our patients relief from each and every one. We use chiropractic adjustments, and a wide variety of other therapies in order to treat the physical side of stress, so that you can live your life with lower levels of overall stress.

Stress can have a big impact on a person's life. It can effect us both physically and psychologically,…

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