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Many people will experience an event during their lifetime in which they are injured or impaired to a degree that it effects their ability to do day to day activities effectively or without pain. Although it may be possible to live with this pain, and many people do, it is not necessary. Most people have insurance that will cover most or even all of the charges associated with physcial therapy, speech therapy, and even chiropractic services. Here at Wellness Professionals, we have a highly trained team that can work with a wide variety of muskuloskeletal disorders ranging anywhere from a headache to muscular distrophy. Many individuals brush off their pain, and push away minor symptoms that could be the start of a more serious condition. We listen to you as you tell us about your symptoms, and work to find the source of your pain. Once we find this source, we find the most efficient and effective treatment for each patient in order to ensure that your treatment or rehabilitation is as time and cost efficient as possible. 

We understand that everyone goes through pain in their lives, but we want to make your life easier with less pain and worry. Our team cares about nothing more than your treatment and recovery, and we will do everything in our power to get you back to what you love doing. Pain is inevitable, but we are here to help. With our wide variety of services including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and speech therapy, we are sure to be able to diagnose and treat your pain so that you can take the best steps toward wellness.

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July 05, 2016
Dr. Michael Dickerson

Dr. Michael Dickerson is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. Upon Graduation, Dr. Dickerson practiced in Bastrop, LA before returning home to Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Dickerson has always focused on obtaining the best result for his patients and staying current on the best neuro spinal biomechanical treatments in the profession.