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Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation and Wellness

Wellness Professionals Inc. has a very keen interest in ensuring the recovery and wellness of each patient that we come into contact with. Not only do we offer chiropractic services, but we also have a licensed physical therapist (PT) on our staff team that allows us to take an even more in depth approach to treatment. This comprehensive care is hard to beat by a PT or chiropractor working alone, and the rate of success greatly improves when the two disciplines are used together. We are one of the only clinics in Northwest Arkansas to offer this type of cooperative treatment, and the results prove that it is a very effective way to treat most musculoskeletal disorders or problems that may be giving you pain or discomfort. We strive to not only treat the patient's problem to relieve their pain, but we also want to improve that individual’s quality of life through education and application of at home methods.


Physical therapy is a healthcare division that specializes in maximizing one’s quality of life through the rehabilitation of physical impairments or injuries. Physical therapists usually work to improve patients' abilities to perform activities of daily living (ADL's) so that the individual can live their life normally without pain and/or fear. Some ADL's that a physical therapist may work with include: getting in and out of bed, sitting and standing, and walking up and down stairs. Physical therapy can also benefit those wanting to increase strength and joint range of motion to improve flexibility after surgery, injury, or even in instances of general discomfort. At Wellness Professionals, our physical therapist is dedicated to providing pain relief, and increased quality of life through therapeutic and rehabilitative practices.


Wellness Professionals is proud to offer physical therapy services, and we truly believe in its use and effectiveness. Within 12 visits, our patients see an outstanding 60-80% improvement through the utilization of physical therapy. Our advanced approach to therapy using ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction tables, and chiropractic adjustments allows our patients to experience the fastest recovery while gaining an education through our services that allow them to improve their wellness even after they are no longer a patient. There is no reason to live in pain. The staff here at Wellness Professionals is here to provide you with relief and comfort from pain that stretches further than the walls of our office. It is our goal to not only improve your current state of health, but also to give you the tools that you need to take more steps toward wellness on your own.


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May 23, 2016
Dr. Michael Dickerson

Dr. Michael Dickerson is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. Upon Graduation, Dr. Dickerson practiced in Bastrop, LA before returning home to Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Dickerson has always focused on obtaining the best result for his patients and staying current on the best neuro spinal biomechanical treatments in the profession.