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Magnesium and Your Health

Magnesium is a mineral that is vital to certain bodily functions in humans. It is naturally occurring in the human body, and is needed for optimum bone and digestive health. Magnesium is mostly obtained through a regular diet, but can become low especially if the individual has poor eating habits. If magnesium levels become low, magnesium supplements are available to bring concentration levels back up to a desirable level. If one's diet is high in calcium, they may need to consume magnesium supplements in order to properly absorb and utilize the calcium. Magnesium can also act as a laxative in the case of constipation, and prevent heartburn due to indigestion.

Magnesium intake is necessary for optimal health, and getting the right amount in your diet can be difficult at times. Here at Wellness Professionals, we offer magnesium supplements combined with calcium supplementation so that you can always rest assured that your mineral levels are correct. No matter where you live in Northwest Arkansas, we are here to help! We proudly serve patients in the entire area including: Farmington, Ozark, Huntsville, Elkins, Greenland, Prairie Grove, Mountainburg, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Rogers. Magnesium supplementation may not be for everyone, but our professional staff can figure out your body's needs and address them as needed.



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July 13, 2016
Dr. Michael Dickerson

Dr. Michael Dickerson is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. Upon Graduation, Dr. Dickerson practiced in Bastrop, LA before returning home to Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Dickerson has always focused on obtaining the best result for his patients and staying current on the best neuro spinal biomechanical treatments in the profession.