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Are All Adjusments the Same?

Are All Chiropractic Adjustments the Same?

Maybe you’re interested in going to the chiropractor or you’ve been going for years and are just curious, but many people want to know if all chiropractic adjustments are the same. One of the joys of chiropractic care is the individualized approach that is offered to cater to specific pains and ailments.


Chiropractors are doctors who have spent years studying the nervous system and it’s connection with our spine.  Many people think of back and neck pain when visiting a chiropractor, but chiropractic care can treat so much more. Our inner circuitry is connected to the spinal cord, the highway for our nerves. When the spine is misaligned, this may cause back pain, but it may causes issues within other parts of the body including various organs. These symptoms associated with these misalignments occur as the shifts in the spine result in shifting of the nerves of the spinal cord as well. For example, misalignments in vertebrae like C1 and C2 can often lead to headaches. Because of the intricacy of the spine and spinal cord, adjustments are made specific for the individual.


When you visit a chiropractor, they will often have you perform a series off tests that gather information about mobility, pain, balance, and more. These tests provide them an insight into the specific joints and regions that may need manipulation. They use this information to make custom adjustments just for you. Because many people come in for similar pain, it may seem that everyone is getting the same adjustments, but chiropractors are very skilled in choosing specific adjustments for specific regions and issues.


If you are interested in trying out chiropractic care for your chronic or temporary pain, contact us today, and our skilled, empathetic chiropractors are happy to help! Call or click today to schedule an appointment! 

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March 09, 2022